Sunday, May 27, 2012

 So my comb twists are holding up well, and I have to say that they still look really good. Speaking of my comb twists, I went to a dance party tonight, where I saw an old family friend. One of her hands casually found my twists and proceeded to stretch some of them in order to assess how long my hair is. Once she realized my hair was shoulder length, she let them go, and didn't say anything.

  Now, I know that individuals can get curious about hair length, but why not just ask? I was rather annoyed and so I just made an escape afterward and didn't go back over to speak. I did tell my mom, who was at the same party (yeah I know, but sometimes telling mom makes me feel better), and she shook her head in disgust.

 I cannot understand for the like of me, why anyone would want to just put their hands in someone's hair, just to see how long their hair is. There are just somethings I will never understand about how people view Black women that have decided to go natural.

 On a high note, the dance party was a lot of fun, unfortunately I had to cut it short, because I have to be at work tomorrow morning (time and half pay rate :D ). So, until the next episode...

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