Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Going to the salon as a natural..

Ok, so yesterday was the first time I went to a beauty salon to have my hair styled. Not the regular press and curl, but to get twists... well specifically small hand rolls. You the know, the little mini sized shirley temple curls that people considering locks get to start their locks?

 I have to say, my experience was very pleasant. The stylist that did my hair was a very nice girl that is a natural herself. She wears her hair in a soft bun, has a good sense of humor and excellent technique. The number one thing I loved about this stylist, is that she doesn't tear through your hair. She takes her time. She doesn't pull and tug on you strands. She takes time to detangle and she very detailed so my hand rolls looked perfect. Interestingly, the shop owner is also a natural, that wore her hair in a medium sized soft afro. Noth women were very encouraging, as far as maintaining my natural hair. Before leaving, my stylist reminds me to wash out my hair before a few weeks, so my hair won't lock.

 I have to say the results were great. People were pulling me aside, asking where I got my hair done and who did it, and how much did the style cost. I think she'll be surprised to have a few new clients so quickly after doing my hair. The style itself was inexpensive. $40 isn't bad, well at least for me, considering that relaxers, braids and weaves usually cost much more. I'm very happy to have found a stylist knows how to care for natural hair. Also its nice to have a stylist on hand, for the times when I simply need a break from doing my own hair.  So Pro-Style on Euclid gets an A+ as far as service and excellent hair care.

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