Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dry Hair...

Well, I guess this isn't an issue as much in the summer as it is in the winter, but I've had a several naturals from work ask me what I do to keep hair moisturerized. So we compared notes, and here were some things we discussed and shared with each other.

1. Humidifier -  one of the girls at work uses a humidifier at night, because he apt is dry period, however, her hair texture doesn't necessarily need anything past humidifying at night, and misting in the morning.

2. Leave hair out while in the shower, or even drench hair in shower -  after getting out of the shower, gently remove excess water with an old t-shirt or hair towel, then seal with oil.

3. Use plastic hair caps - after misting, or drenching, etc, seal hair with oil and wear a plastic cap for a few hours to help keep hair moist.

4. Enjoy humidity - sunmmer is great for natural hair, because of the humidity. twists and comb twists will help lock in moisture as well, also if your hair likes it, use glycerin products during the summer months.

 Hope this help!


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