Tuesday, December 24, 2013

School has really cramped my life...

 Nearing the end of nursing school has never been more welcome. I've wanted to really get this blog up and going, however since the beginning of nursing school, things have not worked out as well as planned.

 Now, I'm in the home stretch (the last eleven weeks, starting January 6th), and I couldn't be more thrilled. I will be able to get back to my regularly scheduled life. I have wanted to discussed my  natural hair journey in this blog, as well as the more awkward and different aspects of my interesting and at times, too adventurous life.

 For now, the new project for me, other than finishing school, is trying Jamaican Black Castor Oil. Let me back up a bit.

 Way back when I was a teenager, I briefly had a relaxer, from the ages of thirteen to about fifteen, I had a relaxer. Well, my hair DID NOT like relaxers at all! This was evident by the fact that a certain area on my head would just completely revolt by my hair breaking off at the new growth. I started wearing braids, because I went on a week long trip to Florida with some friends, and since then, I've never went back to relaxers and was in and out of braids up until about two and half years ago.

 Well, that certain area on my head is still the most fragile area as far as hair growth is concerned. Its not horrible, but I have tell, because it feels different than the rest of the hair on my head. So, it was recommended that I try Jamaican Black Castor Oil on that area. And that's what I've started to do this week. I've decided to try it for three months to see how it goes. Since its winter time, I figure I'll give the oil several months before deciding on whether it works or not.

 I hope to keep up this blog, now that school is nearing its end, and also to update about my results with the Jamaican Black Castor Oil.

 Until next time!

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